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How to drive at night and tips to be followed

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How to drive at night and tips to be followed


According to information released by the traffic police of the Islamic Republic of Iran, most road accidents occur during driving at night. Of course, this is not just for Iranians, and internationally, the data provided shows that the risk of road crashes increases significantly at night and when the weather is dark. Automotive experts announce many articles and reports a lot about how to drive at night, so in this article, we are going to tell you the main points of these reports.

Adjust the headlights before moving.

The main vehicle used at night is their headlamp; therefore, we suggest you ensure their safety and safety before moving on. If for any reason your headlights are in trouble, we suggest you go to the authorized car dealership as soon as possible and avoid driving at night.

Clean the glass well.

At night, when the air is dark, the range and quality of the visibility of the individual is also reduced; therefore, car field experts always suggest that you clean the car windows well before you want to drive in the dark. The time of darkness of the air extends and your road visibility does not increase the risk of accidents.

Turn on the fogs!

The existential philosophy of the fog lights in the car is to make better visibility in the time of fog and dust, but new research has shown that foggers can appear as a warning on the road and inform other drivers of your car.

Reduce the light in the car cabin as much as possible!

Turning on the lights inside the cabin or using other artificial lights to create brightness in dark weather can greatly reduce driver's visibility to the road. Therefore, we recommend that you do not use the optical panels inside the vehicle while driving at night.

Browse the road before moving.

If you are planning to travel and want to drive around at night, we suggest you take a look at the map and directions ahead of the trip. Consider when the air is dark, many elements and signs on the side of the road may not be well seen and you will not be able to find the route you want from these elements; so it's best to look at the screw before moving. And bend the road.


Unfortunately, many accidents happen at night due to drivers' sleepiness. Experts in the field of automotive safety suggest that you relax well before you drive in the dark, and take the rest of the way whenever you feel tired, relax and spend time relaxing. You can also use caffeinated drinks to make you smarter at night.

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