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How to start a car jumper

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How to start a car jumper


Jump Start or Boost is the time when electric energy is transferred from one source to the car's battery. Jim Star can be powered by a power car for a car or even a battery from another car; therefore, the process is also known as "battery-saver" in slang. Usually, it often happens that we remember to completely turn off the lights of the car or the audio system; therefore, after a period of time and the immobilisation of the vehicle, the battery is empty of any electricity and can not provide the necessary power to turn on the vehicle. bring. Of course, in many cases, the car battery is either discharged or discharged due to battery burnout or the failure of the vehicle's dynamometer. In this article, we're going to teach the jump start-ups that if your car's battery is unplugged, you can re-energize it in this way.

Training the Jupp to start the car step by step

As we said, one of the ways to start a car jumper is to use a car battery that calls it "battery-to-battery." In this case, first make sure that the main problem with your car battery. It's better to start the car starter and dynamo before starting the jumper. It is advisable to do this by an expert. If you find that the problem with the car battery is the need to recover the internal charge, open the car hood and identify the positive and negative pole by checking the battery element. Usually there is a red + positive sign and a + sign, and the negative pole is black and marked with a sign. Insert the revitalizer into your car and identify the negative and positive pole as before. Disconnect all electrical appliances, including sound system, air purifier, fan and heater, chargers, and any other electrical components. Consider the fact that cars must be spaced apart, otherwise the likelihood of an incident is very high. To connect between two batteries, you need to have two power cords with a serial pin. Usually these two cables are sold together in red and black. Connect the red cable to the positive side of the discharged battery, and the other end to a healthy battery; now, using a black cable, connect the negative battery to a battery connected to a metal piece (such as a screw or nut) connected to the battery. It's better not to paint this piece to make the connection better. Then turn on the car with a healthy battery and let it stay bright for a few minutes. It's better to increase the engine speed at the same time by feeding, so that the required energy is produced faster. Now the battery that is in trouble is recharged and you can turn on your car. Separate cables with care and attention to safety issues. First, remove the black cable, then the red, and place the battery cover on the car. It is best to keep the newly charged car a little clear and increase the battery's energy by repeatedly charging.

You can do this process using car-power carriers; make sure they are charged before using these devices.

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